How it works.


Set up

The set-up location will be previously agreed upon and checked out for trailer accessibility and firm ground support for the oven. On the day of your event, we arrive with a hot oven 90 minutes before the designated serving time. We re-light the oven upon our arrival to boost the temperature toward 700 degrees, and set up a white 10’x10’ catering tent in front of the oven that tastefully covers our immediate baking area and the table on which the flatbread is served.

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Once we begin baking, the flatbreads come out of the oven at a steady rate of approximately 25 per hour. The flatbreads are sliced (8-12 slices per) and tastefully served at our table under the tent. A variety of different topping choices — combined to please vegetarians and meat lovers alike — are available at all times. We also take special requests, to ensure that everyone at your party enjoys the wood-fired flatbread experience. There is no set number of flatbreads for the “Hands-Free” offering. We bring enough dough and toppings to accommodate two hours of continuous baking (approximately 50 flatbreads). Regretfully, we can not offer a gluten-free flatbread.



When the guests have had their fill, or the two hours of service expires, we box up any extra baked flatbreads to be left with you. Cleanup takes about one hour, and we make every effort to leave the site in the same condition as it was found.